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Here are some things you can do with FC2 Live!

Broadcast a Program (Live)

You can broadcast your program live to the general public. If you have something to say or express, use this service. Of course it's OK to use this service just to pass the time. Audio and video can be broadcast, so it's definitely a different sensation to regular text chat. Viewers also have the ability to post live comments, which makes mutual communication easy.

One-to-one Chat

This is a one-to-one chat system, which makes it possible for you to taik to a specified user. Please use this service when you want to talk directly with another user. If the other user also has a webcam and microphone then you can both send live audio and video to eachother, just like a videophone.

Make Money

You can make money using FC2 LiveChat. Setup a Pay-per-view (Pay) broadcast and spread your knowledge on a particular subject or perform online. You can specify whether you want to broadcast out to a mass of viewers by broadcasting a program -or- you can set up a One-to-one Chat. You can freely broadcast at anytime that's good for you.

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