Receive a reward each time the advertised user uses points!
Permanent RewardAffiliate
  • Free to join!
  • No quota!
  • Just paste a link!
What is permanent reward?

Just introduce FC2 Live on your website or blog!

You can receive rewards every time point is bought by the advertised user that registered through your affiliate link!

Points used by advertised user *1 × 5%
LiveChat Reward Points*2
ExampleWhen 10 advertised user uses 10,000yen worth of points every month
10,000pt × 10 × 5% = 5,000pt
Reward of 5,000yen every month!
  • *1 "Premium membership fee" is now subject to the affiliate reward.(2019/07/23〜)
  • *2 In order to redeem or use in FC2 Live or other services, "Live chat reward point" must be exchanged to "FC2 redeemable points". Click here for details
Affiliate done in 3 easy steps!
Login to FC2 Live
Select an advertisement, copy the code
Paste on your website or blog
Select affiliate material

To start affiliate, registration as FC2 Live user is required. Click here for free registration

Affiliate overview
Requirements for use Must have FC2 accountClick here for free registration
Fees Free
Quota None
Reward ratio 5% of points used by advertised user
Reward conditions

From the point the advertised user registers through the affiliate link, a reward is provided for every point used.

Once registered, reward will be earned until this account is cancelled or suspended..

Reward method Live chat reward point (Redeemable point/1 point=1 yen)
Confirmation method Check at the point management/purchase page
Important notice
  • Advertisement that is not within legal or ethical standards is strictly prohibited.
  • Must be over 18 to join
  • The use of programs, broadcaster information and its respective image or video without permission is strictly prohibited.
  • In the rights to affiliate program is lost due to cancellation or suspension, rewards from then on will not be receivable.
  • Rewards generate when users that registered through the affiliate referral link, uses points for paid viewing, tips, purchase of live programs or program tickets, premium membership and renewal.
About use and registration
About reward/affiliate link