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Playing With DominiKiD | League Of Legends | On My Way To Diamond [ LIVE STREAM | EN VIVO ]

| On My Way To Diamond [ LIVE STREAM | EN VIVO ] Come, Lets Play Together Online With DominiKiD| Live Stream!!! I live-stream every week! I love talking to you guys and getting know you! Don't forget to subscribe and become a member of this family! Come make some suggestions and join the conversation! -What do you want to see me play? -Do you have any challenges for me? -Want to collaborate with me? ----$ JUST Tell me TAMBIEN SE HABLA ESPANOL!!! LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: LIVESTREAM ============================= I stream League of Legends In NA and LAN Server most Monday-Friday starting at 8:00pm EST sometimes i stream on the weekends. LEAGUE OF LEGENDS SERVIDOR: LAN | En Vivo ========================================= Para toda ese gente que le gusta jugar league of legends Si quieres ves par episodeos dejanos un like y subscribete Tienes un reto para mi? Si Quieres que te mencione en unos de mis vídeos déjame un like y una captura de que compartiste este video INFO | EVENTS | UPDATES ======================= If you want to know more information about streaming hours? Just Remember Subscribe and Follow me on Twitter for more updates! It's FREE VIDEOS ====== Want more videos like this one, check out my playlist https://www.youtube.com/user/dominikid007/playlists LIVE STREAM =========== Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/gamerdominikid Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/dominikid007 SOCIAL NETWORK ============== Follow me on Twitter for the latest updates Like My Facebook Page Leave me a comment - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DominiKiD.LOL - Twitter: https://twitter.com/iDominiKiD - Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JoelJoaquinDominiKiDSoundhack - Instagram: https://www.linkedin.com/in/DominiKiD - Dailymotion http://www.dailymotion.com/dominikid - VK https://vk.com/dominikid - Mobcrush https://www.mobcrush.com/dominikid - StreamMe https://www.stream.me/dominikid - Periscope https://www.periscope.tv/iDominiKiD - Beam https://beam.pro/iDominiKiD - UStream http://www.ustream.tv/channel/6gveFevVkQP - vaughnlive https://vaughnlive.tv/dominikid - instagib https://instagib.tv/dominikid - breakers https://breakers.tv/dominikid - Picarto https://picarto.tv/DominiKiD - Chew TV https://chew.tv/idominikid DONATIONS | DONACIONES ====================== Doing this kind of events is not easy, if you can donate to the channel I will thank you wholeheartedly, a few cents will serve me very much to continue organizing this type of events. Hacer este tipo de eventos no es fácil, si puedes donar con el canal te lo agraceré de todo corazón, unos cuantos centavitos me servirán muchisimo para seguir organizando este tipo de eventos. Gracias a todas esas personas que han donando para que este canal siga vivo. Donation Link | Link de Donaciones - (Paypal) https://goo.gl/tiQ94t - (StreamLabs) https://streamlabs.com/gamerdominikid You can also help my channel grow by donating: - College books - Video Game Codes & Coins - Games - Electronics - Etc CONTACT ME ========== FAN MAIL: dominikid.mail@gmail.com PROPOSALS: admin@dominikid.com TEXT ONLY: (716)222-0550 PRIMARY FAN MAIL: ----------------- Burman Tower 8400 W Campus Circle Dr Berrien Springs MI, 49104-0980 United States of America SECONDARY FAN MAIL: ------------------- Joel Joaquin PO BOX 29451 Chicago IL 60629 United States of America NEED HELP ADVERTISING YOUR MUSIC? Email me your music and I will help you promote it. MUST BE COPYRIGHT FREE! IGNORE TAGS BELOW league of legends lol games champions legend videos tier list na game guide sign up server status items in build l o heroes tournament builds new champion mobile masteries store riot points mac login install how to play like support skins forum update gameplay what is lolcounter down jax lolreplay stream wallpaper dawngate forums runes news youtube stats lore ashe leag wiki world patch elohell shaco characters soraka rammus amumu pentakill nasus gragas renekton sivir kassadin veigar karthus tryndamere blitzcrank udyr nidalee zilean anivia corki gaming stickman 2 online shop eu rp pc legion official site website lord video leagues live client summoner app offline og teams buy rleague strategy friends community launcher android free register en español lolgame leagueoflegend br beta hack music quiz garena chat trailer master yi tips pictures connect custom cheats lee sin legal item builder log soundboard platforms life 2016 and homepage laugh all page brasil as lea language be lo 3d legends4 leg3nds deutsch lol4 summoners where get web sounds current soul main e lead com the l3ague leagueof liga clash fates m 0f dl platform gamelol n from full t gue it legens week about messenger dota w fignead f europe http le a gu lenguage

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Come, Lets Play Together Online With DominiKiD| Live Stream!!! I live-stream every week! I love talking to you guys and getting know you! Don't forget to subscribe and become a member of this family!

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