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hello to all I am newly member here dont have idea yet about this site

My name is Carla I'm 25 years old and i am simple Lady boy, i'am living here in Philippines actively looking for REAL LOVE , I am a friendly person and easy to get along with different types of people, listening to people talking about the funniest things and hearing jokes. I am direct and honest with the tendencies to always making sure that I’m well groomed. I love food and cooking I also love fashion, I want the company of someone that is honest and has no problem in telling me how they feel, I won't tolerate mind players, self centered, negative individuals, I base my life in Fun and Quality of its meaning. There are times I like to go out and yet times to stay home and relax. I am one who loves to listen and share the problems of those who I respect and trust. The most important things in my life, is my Family. I am hoping that someday i will find the right man for me, my purpose to join here is to find a real love! i join here to give my true love not to gain money! and Why do so many people in the world after they get what they want! suddenly they disappear and ignore you..!!!

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